December 2019 – Alexandra, VA – Loch Harbour Group (LHG), a professional services consulting company serving the Federal government and private sectors, is pleased to announce several staff members on our BOSS 2 contract were awarded Certificates of Appreciation by the S&T Under Secretary at the S&T Awards Ceremony in December 2019.

Awards were presented to Loch Harbour staff members for the successful roll out of the S&T Revitalization.

Six staff members on the Requirements and Development Team were presented awards for their support to the development and successful launch of the new Purchase Request Tracker.

One staff member was awarded the S&T Under Secretary Award for Collaboration in a Matrix based upon his expertise and support to the Real Property Facility Condition Assessment Team.

Loch Harbour Group was previously presented with the 2015 S&T Under Secretary Award for Outstanding Contractor Support.

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