Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Systems Engineering and Technical Assistance (SETA) III

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The DHS SETA III contract vehicle supports DHS S&T’s mission with a full range of SETA services to include providing administrative assistance to providing expert technical assistance on national efforts that will contribute to maintaining and expanding the capabilities of homeland security.

SETA service may require providing technical knowledge, scientific information, advice, opinions, alternatives, analyses, feedback, and recommendations; providing administrative support to program and technical management; and providing assistance to program planning and oversight, exercise, development, execution and evaluation; system level analysis; system integration support inclusive of understanding of threats and vulnerability; technical assessment & evaluation to support and complement the Government’s technical experts in applying research, development test & evaluation (RDT&E) towards accomplishing the DHS mission.

Scientific and technical services include

  • Advisory assistance support in technology scouting;
  • Vulnerability and risk assessment and mitigation;
  • Project justification and defense;
  • Program planning; evaluation and analyses of programs,
  • Projects, budgets and performance; and
  • Project execution, transition and commercialization

This also includes providing programmatic support in the development and preparation of acquisition and procurement documents.

Administrative assistance includes:

  • Providing ancillary support to advance the overall mission of the program office, through its project objectives
  • Conducting support activities and functions in order to sustain the day-to-day business practices of an organization

SETA support will include:

  • Program and technical management
  • Program planning and oversight
  • Technical evaluation
  • Project analysis
  • Risk mitigation
  • Data development and management
  • Financial
  • Acquisition
  • Other technical support for current, potential, and proposed DHS research and development science and technology programs

Period of Performance: 12/04/2018 through 12/23/2023