DataMiner™ is the result of a customer’s challenge to quickly and repeatedly screen and update its Logistics Support Analysis Record (LSAR)-036.


LHG’s task was to create a method of allowing our customer to screen daily if desired and the ability to incorporate any changes that were found programmatically or manually if desired.


Designed specifically for provisioning development. DataMiner focuses on accuracy, speed, and automation, determining which NSN to use when multiple choices are available. Just like provisioners currently screen, it performs the same step-by-step process of utilizing engineering data and vendor data to find items that are currently in the federal cataloging system. DataMiner screens by:

  • Part number
  • Cage code
  • NSN
  • Any combination there of
  • And filters on Major Organizational Entity (MOE) code

Before DataMiner, there were several ways to collect NSN data and only one way to record the information:

  • Send an LSAR-032 to the Federal Logistics Information Service (FLIS) group. They would then send back a list of possible matches and the user would search through the data to find a match and then manually update the 036.
  • Use publicly available National Stock Number (NSN) search engines  to search and record collected information one part number at a time into the 036.
  • Deliver 036 file to the customer and let the customer screen.

While these methods have and are still used to this day by other logistics developers, it was not our customer’s preferred method. In addition, these methods typically result in poor performance and lack of a solution as screened data naturally changes days or weeks later.

Performing the time consuming process of screening, collecting and recording, along with, determining what changed in FLIS, what to update and who should complete the update, was the task. The solution to the challenge was DataMiner and the added benefit was the cost savings to all parties and the assurance that the end user would receive a usable product on time. Using LHG’s DataMiner significantly reduced the time required from days to hours and enhanced the quality of their delivery.

The challenges in both cases were met with “Solutions” that enhanced the quality of customers’ Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) deliverables, and aligned with Federal Integrated Product Support (IPS) guidelines, with the least amount of impact.